Benefits of Smart Schools

Benefits of Smart Schools

Technology has bridged the gap between students and teachers. Recently, schools are introducing the use of technology for the students, teachers, and parents. The use of technological services like school management software develops the overall productivity and performance of the school.

Advanced education management systems have empowered schools with smart ways of interactive learning and experiences. As per a recent report about the usage of Educational Technology, with the introduction of technology in the education system, students' engagement and productivity have increased by 55%.

Have a glimpse at how the education system can leverage technology to create a unique experience that keeps staff as well as parents and students satisfied.

School management system

Post lockdown, studying experiences have taken a drastic turn. Studying online through the zoom links did not help maintain the track record. The achievement in academics often depends on the regular monitoring of educational processes.

Today's generation is experiencing completely virtual learning in the palm of their hands through the school management software being introduced. School management software comes with an incredible set of customizable features to assist your school administration tasks and complex processes. It's a growing platform as the community of teachers, and we are getting acquainted. The software enables complete automation and control of an educational institution's numerous operations, infrastructure, activities, processes, and overall functioning.

Benefits of School Management System

Maintaining the database
The student database consists of children's overall information, including family details and residence, which are kept secure and accessible. Administrative information regarding billing, accounts, and medical history are easily added by administrators and accessible anytime.
Increased Student-Teacher Engagement
Approaching teachers and students got easy via digital platforms.
Creative lectures with practical learning provided digital tools to ensure no dull moments in the classrooms. Technology helps to create an interactive environment and encourages students to participate more in the classrooms. Teachers provide information about homework, attendance, instructions, grades, and achievements into the software file with no gap in communication.

Online Resources
PowerPoint presentations, cloud sessions, and recorded lectures impart an opportunity to study at your convenience hassle-free. All the information is available onlineā€”no visiting to libraries to issue books or no submission of handwritten assignments. Real-time learnings and working on practical projects have made classes more fun. Numerous resources are free of cost, waiting to be leveraged by students and teachers for better understanding.

Easy to Operate
With the help of the dashboard, every tiny detailed information is available with a click. Providing resources and examples for the topics has never been easy. From grading to giving out assignments, teachers have received a blessing to maintain all the records through the single portal.
Highly Effective
Using graphs, pictures, images, audio-video, and presentations have proved to be highly effective as per a study. The schools engaged with school management systems have shown 40% growth in academics. Learning has never been easy in traditional ways.

Better Parent-Teacher Communication
Separate login details for parents are given to keep them in the loop of what's happening in the school. Allowing them to the school's curriculum and day-to-day activities brings trust and satisfaction towards the school. Fee descriptions, holidays, events, the timetable, school diary, the scheduled syllabus of the whole session, everything is available to assist their kids in the best possible manner.

Smart Way of Learnings
Better school management is a top priority for anyone responsible for creating a well-organized school that runs smoothly. Eduwity helps you witness faster and wider adaptation to the digitalized facility creating end-to-end solutions for every phase of school management. Let our innovative product empower your educational institution in delivering innovative ways of education.